Your First Steps Into Custom Canvas Prints – 5 Tips

Your first steps into custom canvas prints are a brilliant way to spice up any dull space on the wall in any room of your home. Fantastic as gift ideas for friends and family or even as a treat for yourself, transforming your very own photos into breathtaking canvas prints is a unique and inspirational method of rejuvenating the atmosphere. Here are 5 great tips for creating your very own fabulous canvas prints to liven up your home décor:

1. Take time choosing the photo(s)

These prints will take pride of place in your home for many, many years to come, so it is well worth considering very carefully which photo(s) you would like to use for your wall art. Make sure you choose photos with colour and vibrancy, and make sure that they mean something truly special to you so that they will remind you of those beautiful memories you never want to forget.

custom-canvas-prints (1)

2. Use FSC Strecher Bars

Only a select few canvas prints companies use high quality FSC stretcher bars that will not scratch, warp, twist or fade – even after decades of use. Canvas prints just aren’t the same without first-rate materials, and these beautiful family heirlooms should have the quality they deserve!

3. Choose the right size

It is vitally important to select the right dimensions for your canvas prints to achieve the optimum effect. To really fill a space, for example in the dining room, a fabulous super-large canvas would look absolutely stunning on the wall. But for your bathroom perhaps you would prefer something a little smaller – you could even go for mini canvas prints that come in beautiful packs of 3! Be creative for the most wonderful additions to your home interior!

4. Have fun!

The most important consideration when regarding canvas printing is to make sure that you are imaginative and inventive with your ideas. Having fun is without a doubt the best way of releasing your creativity to design the most brilliant wall art 100% personalised by you! Have fun, let yourself go, and see what you can create!

5. Invite friends over to view!

When your your first steps Into custom canvas prints is displayed in all its glory on the walls of your home, the only thing left to do is to invite all your friends and family over to witness the dramatic and instant impact on the ambiance of the room! You will hear the distinct sound of ‘Wow’ or ‘Woah’ as they take in its spectacular visual effect. Don’t be surprised to find them asking where they can get theirs!


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